Through wearable products, utilizing game-based interactive therapy, it exercises their hand functions while simultaneously engaging in cognitive exercises for the brain. Combining cognitive training and physical exercise create a bond of hardware and software mode, based on the Unity platform and Arduino devices. Exerting game therapy make finger exercise full of entertainment and practicality !
Game Glove
Hand exercising glove
These gloves are crafted for hand exercises, capturing workout data for hand muscle groups. They sync real-time finger status to lots of computers, TVs, tablets, and more, doubling as a customizable game controller. Available in various sizes, they ensure comfort and cater to diverse hand-training needs.
Goodhealth And Well-Being
Sustainable developmentdepends on ensuring healthy lives.More efforts are needed to raise life expectancy.
Used to help exercise and restore hand function based on neuroplasticity in the brain, utilizing glove interaction to improve brain vitality.
Final Product Rendering
The final form of the product, as shown in the image, represents the ultimate version that combines a sleek design tailored to the hand, chip circuit layout, and integrated damping devices
Product packaging design
The box measures 420*250*80mm and will be used for the outer packaging of GripMate products. It will be available for sale on the grab website.
Finger exercise
Influence on the Brain
Survey Summary
Most respondents reported experiencing hand fatigue or stiffness at times, which may be related to daily hand activities in the workplace. A small proportion of respondents reported experiencing pain or discomfort in their hands, which warrants further programs.
Only a small percentage of respondents were in the habit of performing hand exercises, focusing mainly on finger exercises and grip strength exercises. A certain percentage of people said that they exercised more frequently each week.
The vast majority of people use smart devices, mainly for texting and swiping screens. This may have an impact on hand health and the length and frequency of smart device use needs to be monitored.
A small number of people participate in recreational activities that require hand coordination, while participation in outdoor hand sports is relatively low. Encouraging a variety of hand sports may be beneficial to hand health.
The majority of respondents were willing to try new forms of hand exercise, while a portion indicated specific hand health needs. Opportunities exist for designing more attractive exercise programs.
Specific User Profiles
Hand Skeletal Analysis Study
Master the basic principles of hand movement by studying the distribution of muscles, blood vessels, and the location of nerve circuits in the hand.
Functional analysis and design of product force frame
Summary of Design Points for Nerve Distribution and Muscle
Position in the Human Body
Through the study of human muscle nerves and sketching of product functions, these design points are summarized as follows:
Exercises finger and arm muscles
Flexion is the main movement
Provides a force in the opposite direction of finger flexion
Nervous system distribution
Venous Vascular Distribution
Arterial vascular distribution
Modeling Trial and Error Iteration
GripMate 2.0 version
Through model creation, deduction, the approximate product shape and functionality have been determined for release. Production testing is underway
Process Diagram
Issue Compilation and Analysis
Based on the glove wear test of the second-generation version, several structural issues, shown in the diagram, have been identified and analyzed
Sensor motion testing Glove Fitment Test Resistance testing
3D Model Prototyping and Production
Physical Product Manufacturing
This is the testing model for the third generation of gloves, with the overall design, functional zones, and key features roughly finalized. A smaller Arduino Nano chip has been integrated internally to ensure portability and lightweight functionality
GripMate 3.0
Based on the issues identified in the previous generation, a new model has been iteratively produced
The model is created by Rhino
Circuit board design
After a lot of trial and error, the Flex sensor was chosen to be paired with the Esp-32 development board and the nine-axis sensor.
Arduino Circuit Design
Different render versions
After five generations of model iterations, this version is used as an official final product model for production printing.
Product Parts Drawing
User Test Record
After the final product was produced, I gave the product to different groups, including white-collar workers, children, teenagers and the elderly, for user testing.
Summary :
The product price is low, the development cost is also low. The sensor is compact and affordable. The cost of the whole set of products can be controlled within 100 US dollars.
After feedback from different testers, the glove can provide effective training in most cases, and can interact with electronic devices, ensuring fun training.
In the future it can not only be used as a training instrument, but even for control devices such as game controllers. And can be used in TV, mobile phone, tablet and other display devices.
The device can also be used as a multi-functional controller for people with hand dysfunction, through the interaction with the glove, the signal can not only be uploaded to the game controller part, but also can be used in daily life, such as controlling smart furniture.